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wilmien davis consulting-strengthfinder
Strengthfinder awareness and results coaching

For students making subject and career choices
For companies wanting to improve their employees' productivity
For families to aid in understanding, conflict handling and communication

wilmien davis consulting-life and business coaching
Life, business and executive coaching

For people wanting to reach their dreams and improve their quality of life
For business owners to focus on growing their business and become more efficient
For changing habits that are detrimental to your success
For executives who find their job, home of life pressures overwhelming and who want more balance while achieving greater results

wilmien davis consulting-team building
Team building and team coaching

To focus on improved communication, better teamwork, better conflict handling.
To give motivational presentations
To focus on improving efficiency and productivity

wilmien davis consulting-facilitation

To help with strategic changes in the business: Where to go and how to manage the transition
To assist with conflict management and negotiations
To facilitate team dynamics
- One of the biggest performance factors of employment in RSA is poor employee engagement.
- 91% of South Africa’s workforce actually cares little to none about the company they work for.
- Engaged employees are: Enthusiastic, Inspired, Empowered and Confident.
- Employee Engagement is improved when people focus on what they do best. When your talents are identified and developed into strengths, you are more productive, perform better, and are more engaged.
- Do what you do best every day – understand your unique strengths (and that of your employees). Ensure you (and your employees) are being placed optimally in your business. Understand what triggers conflict and how to look at it differently.

- Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses. Most people don’t know what their strengths are or have the opportunity to use it to their advantage. People who do focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs. They are more productive too, both individually and in teams.
- Knowing and understanding your strengths are important in deciding what to study, what type of jobs to take on, how to communicate in your workplace, in your marriage, with your children.
- In his book “The 8th Habit”, Stephen Covey highlights the importance of understanding yourself and finding your strengths:
- “”Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is one’s self-knowledge, self-awareness, social sensitivity, empathy and ability to communicate successfully with others. It is a sense of timing and social appropriateness, and having the courage to acknowledge weaknesses and express and respect differences.
- The key to creating passion in your life is to find your unique talents and your special role and purpose in the world. It is essential to know yourself before you decide what work you want to do.” - Stephen Covey”

Brain-friendly coaching techniques help you to be:

• Inspired, not tired
• Upbeat, instead of overwhelmed
• Focused, not frazzled

More confident and creative than you have ever been in your life.

Brain-friendly coaching assists you with:
- Changing habits that are keeping you from reaching your full potential
- Identifying aspects in your life that are out of balance and get practical ways to bring balance back
- Moving from a fixed to a growth mindset
- Finding your purpose in life
- Becoming more productive in what you do every day
- Improving your confidence
- Making great decisions
- Resolving conflict
wilmien davis consulting-brain offerings
- What change does to the brain/emotions/body
- Techniques of how to keep it from overwhelming you
- What resilience is and how to build up resilience
- How to stay cool under pressure
- What is Emotional Intelligence and why it is important
- What you need to do when making important decisions, learn new skills
Each year the executive's role becomes more and more stressful. It looks like this: More duties, less time with more responsibilities. It is crucial for executives to find objectivity, focus on goals and any help that they can find. We offer custom made coaching services for personal goals (e.g. leadership style, work/life balance, resilience, career development, communication skills, negotiation skills, time management, etc.) and also services for interpersonal skills, dealing with performance management, talent retention, people and team development, change management, etc. And last but not least, services to assist with strategic planning, visioning and goal achievement, innovation, globalisation, etc.